Author - Lecturer - Researcher

PhD, MSc, MBA, BSc

Ηe is the third son of Tasos Kefalas' family and was born in Famagusta and he grew up at Paralimni as a result of the Turkish invasion and occupation of Famagusta in 1974. He has been living in the tourist area of Protaras the last ten years. He is married to Maria Apostolou and has four children: Pelagia, Tasos, Michael and George.

He was raised in a very good social and family environment despite the difficulties resulting from the occupation of the Famagusta area by the Turks. In 1976 he graduated from Paralimni High School and joined the National Guard as a corporal at the age of 18. In 1978 he completed his military service and went on with his studies.

His love for knowledge found him in U.S.A. (1978-1984) where he earned his A.A.S. Degree cum laude (with distinction) in Hotel Technology Management at Nassau Community College in 1981. After that he earned the B.S.B.A. Degree (1984) in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Denver University, Colorado, U.S.A. He carried on his studies and was awarded the M.B.A. Degree (1988) in International Management from the Pacific States University, Los Angeles, California. His dissertation was titled "The Operation of a Hotel Apartment Complex". In 2000 he was awarded the MSc Degree in Hospitality Management from the Sheffield Hallam University, England. The title of his dissertation is very relevant: "Perceptions and Conceptions on the service quality offered by four star hotels in Cyprus". Finally, in 2010, he acquired his PhD Degree in International Business Management.

His interest in sports led him to Anorthosis F.C. where as a football player he played from 1976-1978 and scored 20 times. From 1978 – 1981 he played football with the Pancyprian in New York where he scored 30 goals. Later on he got a scholarship from Denver University for sports where he was named most valuable player for three consecutive years. He was named second best distinguished player – he scored 54 goals in National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics. Returning to Cyprus from his studies in 1984, he finished his football career playing at Paralimni F.C. in 1988.

He is currently working as Associatre Professor, Hospitality Management Department, at Internapa College, Sotira, Famagusta, Cyprus. He is member of Cyprus Hotel Managers' Association and a member of Cyprus Chefs' Association. He is also member of the American Hotel and Motel Managers' Association, President of the Famagusta Cavo-Greco Rotary Club and member of the Cypriot Squash Association. He has participated in many hospitality industry seminars and conferences around the world.

He is deeply involved in his subject and has been writing about the Hotel and Tourist Industry for the past decade. Articles and researches are published published in Cyprus and international.

A restless person loves helping his community. He has always been friendly, easy to approach while his interest in the welfare of children is well known. He is always glad to play host to everybody and loves looking after his garden.

Writer Soteris Kefalas speaks about his work
To prepare the bi-lingual series of six books, totalling about 2000 pages, I devoted thousands of hours from the leisure and holiday time to which all workers and fathers of large families are entitled. I worked night and day with a great deal of love and enthusiasm and spent much money. It was with some bitterness that I discovered that despite the words of praise I received for my contribution, the long hours I devoted to preparing the books and the large sums of money I paid to publish them did not yield me any returns. If I had spent the time in professional employment, I would have had twofold gain: by saving the money I spent to publish the twelve books and by earning money by working for a fee. I am not complaining about what I did since I did it out of love: love for Cyprus and for Paralimni, my hometown. I also did what I did out of love for the profession I chose to follow: the hotel and catering business. So even though I knew from the outset that publishing my books would cost me a great deal in both time and money and I would receive nothing in exchange, I undertook the venture all the same because I am above all an educator and feel duty bound to offer my knowledge to all who might have need of it and because I am a man who has great love for his country.