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Food & Beverage Service Training Program


The KEFALAS HOSPITALITY SCHOOL has formulated Food and Beverage Service training program for skill development of prospective young people in the hospitality sector. The ambition is to train and develop skills in unemployed and employed young people in Hospitality Sector.


Explains students how to deliver guest-driven service by finding out what guests want and expect, then exceeding their expectations by correctly handling moments of truth. Students gain in-depth food and beverage skills know-how and hands-on techniques for consistently delivering quality service in every type of operation.





At the completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Apply the skills in serving guests with food and beverages.
  • Take orders while applying skills of suggestive and up selling.
  • Understand the sequence of service operations and equipment’s required.
  • Understand the varying resources required for their operation.
  • Control the inventories and costs.
  • Know how customer satisfaction can be achieved.
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 1</em>  Restaurant
MODULE 1 Restaurant
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 2</em>  Restaurant Art
MODULE 2 Restaurant Art
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 3</em>   Restaurant Mise en Place
MODULE 3 Restaurant Mise en Place
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 4</em>  Customer’s Welcoming
MODULE 4 Customer’s Welcoming
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 5</em>  Wine Service
MODULE 5 Wine Service
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 6</em>  Combination of Wine and Food
MODULE 6 Combination of Wine and Food
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 7</em>  Gueridon Service
MODULE 7 Gueridon Service
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 8</em>  Special Food Service
MODULE 8 Special Food Service
July 9, 2020
<em>MODULE 9</em>  Salad Dressings
MODULE 9 Salad Dressings
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 10</em>  Carving Service
MODULE 10 Carving Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 11</em>  Flambé Service
MODULE 11 Flambé Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 12</em>  Dessert Service
MODULE 12 Dessert Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 13</em>  Cheese Service
MODULE 13 Cheese Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 14</em>  Afternoon Tea Service
MODULE 14 Afternoon Tea Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 15</em>  Hot Beverage Service
MODULE 15 Hot Beverage Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 16</em>  Non-Alcoholic Beverage Service
MODULE 16 Non-Alcoholic Beverage Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 17</em>   Alcoholic Beverages Service
MODULE 17 Alcoholic Beverages Service
July 7, 2020
<em>MODULE 18</em>  Cocktail Preparation
MODULE 18 Cocktail Preparation