Writer Soteris Kefalas speaks about his work

To prepare the bi-lingual series of six books, totalling about 2000 pages, I devoted thousands of hours from the leisure and holiday time to which all workers and fathers of large families are entitled. I worked night and day with a great deal of love and enthusiasm and spent much money. It was with some bitterness that I discovered that despite the words of praise I received for my contribution, the long hours I devoted to preparing the books and the large sums of money I paid to publish them did not yield me any returns. If I had spent the time in professional employment, I would have had twofold gain: by saving the money I spent to publish the twelve books and by earning money by working for a fee. I am not complaining about what I did since I did it out of love: love for Cyprus and for Paralimni, my hometown. I also did what I did out of love for the profession I chose to follow: the hotel and catering business. So even though I knew from the outset that publishing my books would cost me a great deal in both time and money and I would receive nothing in exchange, I undertook the venture all the same because I am above all an educator and feel duty bound to offer my knowledge to all who might have need of it and because I am a man who has great love for his country.