Hotel Books

New books for all people who work or study in Hotel, Tourist and Catering Industry

It with a sense of great joy and emotion that I am contacting you in order to inform you that I have written and published the following books concerning the Hotel, Tourist and Catering Industry:

  • “The Hotel and Catering Business in Cyprus”
  • “The Expectations and Perceptions of Customers regarding the Quality of Services in the Four-Star Hotels of Cyprus”
  • “The Operation of an Organized Complex of Hotel Apartments”
  • “Restaurant Menu, Design and Analysis”
  • “Feasibility study for Restaurants”
  • “The Purchasing Department Procedures”

All six books have been translated into Greek language. Thus, there are now two series of six books, one in Greek and one in English.

The books were edited by the award-winning publishers Chr. Andreou. All the books are in colour, printed on high quality paper and bound in luxury hard-back form. The books contain hundreds of colour photographs and a large number of colour tables which make it very easy to read the books and to assimilate the information they contain. Each series of books is offered in special luxury box form, but the books are also available individually (see the attached price list).

We would be delighted to give you more information or provide you with the books. Please contact us, at no obligation on your part.