September 29, 2020
Developing an Organizational Culture in a Hotel
The profession of hotel management is one of the most challenging occupations in the hospitality industry. The success of a hotel manager in the hospitality industry is determined by many specialized skills such as planning, communicating, decision making, recruiting, delegating and knowledge. A successful hotel manager’s main objective is to be able to achieve the highest level of service and the highest profitability. But before any successful hotel manager can develop and create this strategy, a manager must understand how organizational culture in a hotel is developed.
August 25, 2020
Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality Sector
Satisfying the customer is a never--ending process. The aim of satisfying customers is to retain them, as customer retention directly reflects on the hospitality industry’s profit. Though most businesses have a good coordination between customer satisfaction and customer retention, the rate of retention may be influenced by high market competition, lack of differentiation among services/products, lack of interest among customers about that service-/-product and lack of involvement among customers about that service/product.
July 10, 2020
Developing Multi-Channel Customer Relationship Management Strategy for Hotel Operation
Travellers are becoming more price sensitive, less brand loyal and more sophisticated in their hotel choices. The use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, has becomes a strategic necessity for attracting and increasing guest patronage. For the current case-study, a multi-channel CRM system has been used in order to examine its effectiveness on guests’ relations of Iliada Beach Hotel (IBH) in Cyprus.
July 10, 2020
Quality Service in the Hospitality Industry: Achieving Effective Service Processes and Designs
In today’s hotel industry, quality of customer service is an important determinant for a successful business. Identifying the specific expectations of customers, the dimensions of service quality and its relative importance for customers in each segment of hotel industry can help hotel managers meet the challenge of improving quality of service. This paper seeks to show the importance of service processes to the hotel industry.
July 10, 2020
Exploring Service Quality Models in Hotel Operations
This research article presents the findings of a study completed during 2013 in the hotel industry of Ayia Napa – Protaras in Cyprus. The major aim of the paper was to examine the elements of service quality and to evaluate three different service quality models, thus, to determine their impact on policies and procedures laid out by hotel organizations. A quantitative case study research design was used in order to examine the contribution of the Gap Model, the Gronroos Model and the SERVQUAL Model towards the performance of the service delivery process in hotels.
July 10, 2020
Guest Complaints in the Hospitality Industry
Services in the hospitality industry are centered on the guest. Hence, being able to identify different kinds of guests and anticipate their needs is important to the management of efficient services related to hospitality. Moreover, in this modern era of consumer activism and media crusades, no service failure, especially in the hospitality industry, can be taken lightly.